Premium-ranged Korean SUV

with European face and heart

Rexton W design concept front

Rexton is a brand of its own, especially in Europe. Raised in XXI century, SsangYong's flagship model is sourcing the best of the best to create an unique combination of hardness and sophistication.

Rexton's design concept, styled in Turin, Italy by Italdesign-Giugiaro is based on the Mercedes M Class platform, while the power-train and drive-train are supplied or licensed by Mercedes-Benz.

Engineering & design concept

The best of the best

Rexton by Giorgietto Giugiaro

Alta Moda Italiana

Designed by the legendary Giorgietto Giugiaro of Ital Design, the Rexton represents the ultimate fusion of diverse styles: luxurious, futuristic and sophisticated. It blends the muscular physique of an SUV with the elegant contours of a passenger car. Subtle refinements in the redesigned Rexton W include the new front grille, ultra modern headlamps, electrically adjustable & foldable outside door mirrors and chrome tailpipe. Viewed from any angle, the new Rexton W's exterior firmly places the tone of elegance and prestige.

Rexton W design concept back

Mercedes-Benz technology

Featuring an ultra-rigid ladder frame chassis and selectable 4WD with high and low range, the Rexton is built for those that need true off road driving and towing capability. The premium-ranged Korean SUV represents the height of practicality, allowing you to do more and carry more, including up to seven people in style and comfort. The standard 5-speed E-tronic automatic transmission built with Mercedes-Benz technology provides smooth and quiet gear changes with optimal performance and fuel efficiency. The advanced Euro-5 turbo diesel engine provides up to 360Nm of torque, allowing 2.6 tonne towing capability with a braked trailer.

Proud to be a W

Designed to turn heads and capture hearts

Rexton W emblem

Flagship evolution

Rexton W - the current evolution of SsangYong's top-of-the-range model, remains true to the brand identity, while new, upgraded elements maximize the pleasure and value that this superb SUV delivers. The "W" in the name stands for "work of art" and "world class", underscoring the modern and sophisticated design concept.

The Rexton is also famous for offering many little extras that make a big difference in how you feel about your SUV. You are treated to the comforts you would expect from a luxury vehicle. It has been crafted for those that truly appreciate excellence and who love to drive.

Our new Rexton W proudly carries on the tradition of the "twin dragons" flagship with a sporty and stylish facelift and a big heart under the hood. Everything you liked about the previous Rexton is back plus much more. With its economical and powerful engine, its distinctive and prestigious appearance or its impressive list of features, the new Rexton W is hard to beat for style, practicality and value for money.