Design concept

Sport Utility Truck

Korando Sports design concept

The goal of the SUT 1 concept is simple - be the world's best pick-up truck. Developed in the spirit of SsangYong Motor's design philosophy of "premium, robust, special." the SUT 1 project adds a new modern style to the classic pick-up design. With its spacious interior, sharp lines and cutting-edge lamp detail, this dynamic, robust and trendy sports utility truck is perfect for camping and skiing trips, transportation or driving around town.

Both safety and convenience have been took into consideration by including a variety of convenient features such as a power sunroof, Bluetooth audio, rear-view camera and a trip computer. Safety features such as ESP and dual airbags are also included. To meet and exceed the eco-friendly and high efficiency standards expected by today's auto industry, the car is powered by а 2.0 Active Diesel engine which satisfies Euro 5 emissions standards, has outstanding fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions.

Active outdoor player

challenging the best in class

Korando Sports design concept front

Smart and robust

The SUT 1 concept shows SsangYong's identity through its smart and athletic design. The headlamp silhouette and bird-wing shaped radiator grille were designed to give it a stylish look. Its geometric lines, evident in the hexagonal radiator grille and trapezoidal bumper, complete its robust appearance.

Korando Sports design concept rear

Delightfully hedonistic

In addition to its spacious five-seat interior, the basic utility of the SUT 1 concept helps people enjoy their lives, both in the community and through outdoor activities. Off-road tyres have been fitted along with a roll-bar which connects seamlessly to a stylish and large capacity 2 sq.m deck that can carry extreme sports equipment with ease.

A vehicle of many talents

completing the Korando family

Korando Sports final design at Geneva Motor Show

Trendy new styling inside and out

A cutting-edge design, in the SsangYong Korando style, the production-ready version of the SUT-1 was shown as a concept at the Geneva International Motor Show.

Intelligibly renamed the Korando Sports, the production version of the SUT-1 concept brings a new level of refinement to the market place, blending the suspension, engine and cabin finesse of a passenger car, the comfort, space and high seating that’s typical of an SUV, and the rugged workmanlike ability of a commercial pick-up.

Looking for that SUV lifestyle compacted into your busy schedule? What about a hardworking pick-up that drives like an executive car? A dynamic transporter for next weekend's adventure with a 1 tonne payload and a 2.7 tonne towing capacity? A stylish family 4x4 with a hugely versatile loadspace?

Look no further because Korando Sports has it all. What a great feeling is to drive a vehicle of so many talents!