Ultimate performance on and off road

High-end features to enhance efficiency and maximize the fun of driving

New Rodius in motion

Created by SsangYong, a highly experienced 4WD manufacturer, the overall structure of Rodius is designed for stable on road and off road driving. New power train and proven drive train with advanced technologies provide the greatest driving experience you can expect from a real off-roader.

An exciting new heart

Performance now better than ever

Rodius 2.2 e-xDi engine

Rodius is now powered by the Euro 6-compliant 2.2L diesel engine, which delivers up to 178 ps output. The engine is developed for maximum torque at the low end, providing superb driving efficiency and improving performance. Maximum torque is kept within the 1,400-2,800pm range, where the engine runs most of the time, for outstanding acceleration when passing.

Step up a gear!

Quality manual or automatic transmission to suit any driving style

Rodius 7-speed automatic transmission from Mercedes

6-speed manual transmission

Using a wide spread of ratios, the 6-speed manual gearbox has been developed to improve launch acceleration while also offering low-engine-speed high-economy running at motorway pace. Efficiency and durability have also been improved by optimising oil lubrication, while particular engineering attention has been paid to reduce gear whine at all speeds.

7-speed E-tronic AT from Mercedes

The E-tronic automatic transmission, built with Mercedes-Benz technology, provides smooth and quiet operation. The advanced AI programme monitors the vehicle’s operational status and can anticipate the driver’s intentions, while optimal gear changing delivers the best driving performance at high speed and improves fuel efficiency.

Thumbs up manual mode (with 7-speed AT)

Rodius with automatic transmission features a sporty driving option. A convenient switch on the gearshift knob let the driver shift gears up or down manually.

Saloon smoothness, SUV sturdiness

Rodius incorporates the same advanced technologies found on luxury saloons to deliver outstanding handling and the best possible ride. Traveling in this SUV-like MPV promises to be a pleasure for driver and passengers alike.

Rodius suspension

Front wheels: Double wishbone suspension

The front wheels are suspended by lower and upper arms to maintain optimal wheel contact for better driving stability. Ride smoothness is further enhanced by dual action gas-filled shock absorbers, stabiliser bar and coil springs.