Modern refinement and luxury

SUV ruggedness made over in a sophisticated style

New Rodius interior

The New Rodius is an all-around player that can satisfy leisure, work and travel needs.
The driver’s space comes with the “Supervision” gauge cluster, a trip computer, and heated steering wheel grip. The instrument gauges are backlit by high-illumination white LEDs for enhanced legibility, and they are set at the top of the fascia and in the centre so that the driver’s eyes remain focused on the road. Bluetooth connectivity enables the driver to operate the audio system or a mobile phone remotely as well, for greater convenience and driving safety.

New Rodius interior

The seven-seat configuration provides ample room, easy entry and egress, and superior utility. Тhe quarter trim is specially designed to increase the space for the third-row passengers.

When you get the most out of your vehicle, you are getting more out of your life.