Design Concept

rexton w design cover
With European face and heart

Rexton is a brand of its own, especially in Europe. Raised in XXI century, SsangYong's flagship model is sourcing the best of the best to create an unique combination of hardness and sophistication.

Rexton's design concept, styled in Turin, Italy by Italdesign-Giugiaro is based on the Mercedes M Class platform, while the power-train and drive-train are supplied or licensed by Mercedes-Benz.

Engineering & design concept The best of the best

rexton w design inspiration
Alta Moda Italiana

Designed by the legendary Giorgietto Giugiaro of Ital Design, the Rexton represents the ultimate fusion of diverse styles: luxurious, futuristic and sophisticated. It blends the muscular physique of an SUV with the elegant contours of a passenger car. Subtle refinements in the redesigned Rexton W include the new front grille, ultra modern headlamps and rear lamps, electrically adjustable & foldable outside door mirrors and chrome tailpipe. Viewed from any angle, the new Rexton W's exterior firmly places the tone of elegance and prestige.

rexton w design build
Mercedes-Benz technology

Featuring an ultra-rigid ladder frame chassis and selectable 4WD with high and low range, the Rexton is built for those that need true off road driving and towing capability. The premium-ranged Korean SUV represents the height of practicality, allowing you to do more and carry more, including up to seven people in style and comfort. The standard 5-speed E-tronic automatic transmissions built with Mercedes-Benz technology provide smooth and quiet gear changes with optimal performance and fuel efficiency. The advanced turbo diesel engines provide up to 400Nm of torque, allowing 2.6 tonne towing capability with a braked trailer.

Exterior The new face of the legend

Front styling Hi-tech refinement and luxury

rexton w exterior front

The new Rexton W is characterised by a blend of elegance and traditional 4x4 values. The exterior styling of the front features a new grille, projector headlamps and LED daytime running lights which give a totally contemporary look.

rexton w exterior headlamps
Hypnotizing “eagle's eyes"

The classy look of Rexton's projection headlamps is enhanced by the positioning of the L-shaped light guide which appear to wrap around the headlamp assembly.

rexton w exterior foglamps
LED front fog lights

Matching Rexton's cool headlamps, the new bright white light LED fog lamps look very stylish and provide excellent visibility in inclement weather like fog or snow.

rexton w exterior grille
Wide and agressive-looking grille

The triple chrome lines of the radiator grille blend well with the front emblem, providing a classic sophisticated look.

rexton w exterior hood
Cubic bonnet character line

The bonnet character line preserves the cubic effect, providing a sense of fullness and traditional SUV ruggedness.

Side styling True to the brand identity

rexton w exterior side

The unmistakable Rexton's side character line proves a well-balanced look, while the chrome moulding heightens overall unity, putting the finishing touches on a luxurious styling scheme.

rexton w exterior emblem
New Rexton W emblem

The “W” badge, which stands for ”World class/Work of art,” has been attached to the right side D-pillar to highlight the premium image of Ssangyon's flagship SUV.

rexton w exterior sidemirror
Folding heated outside mirrorss

Matching the cubic bonnet character line, Rexton's оutside mirrors with integrated LED side repeaters have been enlarged for better rear vision. Power adjustable and heated, they remain clear on cold or wet days.

rexton w exterior step
Inox-finished side steps

The newly designed side steps, bringing a well-balanced flow from the front fender to the rear quarter, are finished with stainless steel for a luxurious and refined look.

Rear styling The perfect finishing touches

rexton w exterior rear

Completing the powerful image of Rexton W, the new LED rear combination lamps and rear spoiler with LED high-mounted stop lamp convey a luxurious and modern look.

Interior Modern refinement and luxury

interior cover
SUV ruggedness made over in a sophisticated style

The interior of the Rexton W has been upgraded to premium class and its modern styling provides saloon-like comfort for driver and passengers alike. The feeling of luxury is immediate as you enter the cabin, starting with the jet black interior complemented by metal grain trim. That feeling only grows stronger as you discover all the extras at your fingertips.

Driver Space Distinguished and functional

interior driverspace
A more pleasant driving experience all around

From the simple and elegant instrument panel to the modern, uncluttered control layout, it's clear that the Rexton is stylish inside and out. The luxurious interior is complete with outstanding convenience features and top-quality finishing materials. Front ventilated seats are available with leather or TPU upholstery.

interior servowheel
Speed sensing power steering (SSPS)

Makes driving safer by increasing required steering effort as vehicular speed accelerates.

interior heated wheel
Heated steering wheel

Operates with the flip of a switch to keep the steering wheel comfortably warm on cold days.

interior cluster
Supervision gauge cluster

User-friendliness and classiness combined: The blue colour of the supervision gauge cluster is eye relaxing and the LEDs are exceptionally easy to read.

interior monitor
Silver toned centre fascia

The silver coloured paint of the centre fascia mixed with sparkling aluminum powder and elegant chrome lines combine for a simple yet luxurious effect.

interior cruise
Eko-cruise control

Helps save fuel and make driving long distances easier; activated by a lever on steering wheel.

interior rain
Auto light & rain sensing control unit

Automatically activates wipers and headlamps when rain falls on the windshield.

interior heatedseats
Heated comfort seats

All seats are heated and recline to ensure the comfort of the driver and passengers alike. The seats up front are heated with a best-in-class five temperature settings, while the heat elements in the second-row seats simply turn on and off. Thus the driver and passengers alike can ride in greater comfort on wintry days.

interior lumbar support
Lumbar support

The driver's seat is designed with special attention to the driver's comfort and optimum body support. A second lumbar support band has been added, bracing the lumbar region more securely and firmly. The ergonomically designed power seats mitigate during long trips for greater motoring pleasure.

interior memory profile
Memory profile system for driver’s seat...

Up to three different drivers can input their preferred settings for the driver’s seat and mirror positions.

... with Easy Access System

The driver’s seat lowers and moves back after the ignition is turned off and the key is removed.

Interior Space More flexibility for more value

interior seating space

The Rexton W represents the height of practicality, allowing you to do more and carry more. The seats can be configured multiple ways for maximum utilization of the roomy interior. The roof rack is suitable for carrying bicycles and the other long and bulky items you need on outdoor excursions.

Seat variations

interior variation 1
Seats for 7

Full seating: allows 7 people to ride in comfort

interior variation 2
3rd row folded flat

Seats 5 occupants and has wide cargo space behind

interior variation 3
2nd row 40% flat

Accomodates long objects such as golf bags or skis

interior variation 4
2nd row folded flat

Maximum cargo capacity for carrying large, bulky items

Upholstery A different kind of look and feel

interior black dash
Black interior

Available in leather, TPU or doube rachel upholstery

interior grain metal
Metalgrain interior accents

Metalgrain accented on fascia, console and door trim