The new face of the legend

A stylish "modern classic"

Iconic in its classic Giugiaro version, the re-defined Rexton keeps its genuine golden proportions while adopting a blend of subtile lines and surfaces to complete the modern styling and craft a new face. Rexton W is styled for a dynamic feel while maintaining the full-bodied SUV appearance.

Front styling

Hi-tech refinement and luxury

The new Rexton W is characterised by a blend of elegance and traditional 4x4 values. The exterior styling of the front features a new grille, projector headlamps and LED daytime running lights which give a totally contemporary look.

Rexton headlamp

Hypnotizing “eagle's eyes"

The classy look of Rexton's projection headlamps is enhanced by the positioning of the L-shaped light guide which appear to wrap around the headlamp assembly.

Rexton LED fog lamp

LED front fog lights

Matching Rexton's cool headlamps, the new bright white light LED fog lamps look very stylish and provide excellent visibility in inclement weather like fog or snow.

Rexton radiator grille

Wide and agressive-looking grille

The triple chrome lines of the radiator grille blend well with the front emblem, providing a classic sophisticated look.

Rexton hood

Cubic bonnet character line

The bonnet character line preserves the cubic effect, providing a sense of fullness and traditional SUV ruggedness.

Side styling

True to the brand identity

Rexton side view

The unmistakable Rexton's side character line proves a well-balanced look, while the chrome moulding heightens overall unity, putting the finishing touches on a luxurious styling scheme.

Rexton W emblem

New Rexton W emblem

The “W” badge, which stands for ”World class/Work of art,” has been attached to the right side D-pillar to highlight the premium image of Ssangyon's flagship SUV.

Rexton LED mirrors

Folding heated outside mirrorss

Matching the cubic bonnet character line, Rexton's оutside mirrors with integrated LED side repeaters have been enlarged for better rear vision. Power adjustable and heated, they remain clear on cold or wet days.

Rexton inox-finished side steps

Inox-finished side steps

The newly designed side steps, bringing a well-balanced flow from the front fender to the rear quarter, are finished with stainless steel for a luxurious and refined look.

Bridgestone tyre

Bridgestone tyres

The superb performance of these tyres has been proven in F1 race sponsorships, and their great style is self-evident. (available with 18” alloy wheel)

16” light alloy wheel for Rexton W

16” light alloy wheel

Rexton 18 inches light alloy wheel

18” Diamond cut light alloy wheel

Rexton 20 inches tuning wheels

20" tuning wheels (on demand)

Rear styling

The perfect finishing touches

Rexton exterior back design

Completing the powerful image of Rexton W, the new LED rear combination lamps and rear spoiler with LED high-mounted stop lamp convey a luxurious and modern look.

Rexton rear lamps

LED rear combination lamps

The trendy rear LED lamps combine positioning lamps for ”L”-shaped light guides, stop lamps and rear fog lamps.

Rexton LED stop lamp

LED high-mounted stop lamp

Adds a touch of sportiness to the big SUV, improves safety by telling drivers in the rear when brakes are applied.

Color palette

Noblesse oblige

Choice of the car's colour reflects a lot of the driver's personality. From the noble Grand White or the trendy shades of Grey to the eternal Space Black, Rexton provides a profusion of classy options to guide your colour choices.

Preview your colour by clicking on its thumb:

Grand White
Grand White
Silent Silver
Silent Silver
Techno Grey
Techno Grey
Dandy Blue
Dandy Blue
Jazz Brown
Jazz Brown
Space Black
Space Black

Color Note: Actual paint colors may vary slightly from the images above due to photography and your own computer monitor settings. Please check the real color samples with your authorized dealer before ordering.