Utility maximized

by versatility, capacity and power

New Korando Sports has one of the most powerful engines in its class and is capable of towing loads as heavy as 2,300 kilograms. The cargo bed has the room to carry skis, bicycles, camping gear and other items needed for outdoor sports.

Active diesel engine

Performance now better than ever

Korando Sports 2.2 e-xDi engine

Korando Sports is now powered by the Euro 6-compliant 2.2L diesel engine, which delivers up to 178 ps output. The engine is developed for maximum torque at the low end, providing superb driving efficiency and improving performance. Maximum torque is kept within the 1,400-2,800pm range, where the engine runs most of the time, for outstanding acceleration when passing.

New technologies to reduce noise and vibration have been applied to improve the driving experience whether it is starting, accelerating or decelerating.

Step up a gear

Manual or automatic transmission to suit any driving style

Korando Sports 6-speed automatic AISIN transmission

6-speed manual

Using a wide spread of ratios, the 6-speed manual gearbox has been developed to improve launch acceleration while also offering low-engine-speed high-economy running at motorway pace. Efficiency and durability have also been improved by optimising oil lubrication, while particular engineering attention has been paid to reduce gear whine at all speeds.

6-speed AT from AISIN (Japan)

The E-tronic automatic transmission, built by the leading Japanese manufacturer of automobile transmissions Aisin Seiki, provides smooth and quiet operation. The advanced AI programme monitors the vehicle’s operational status and can anticipate the driver’s intentions, while optimal gear changing delivers the best driving performance at high speed and improves fuel efficiency.

New Korando Sports with automatic transmission features a sporty driving option. Switches on the gearshift knob let the driver shift gears up or down manually.

Safety and driveability

go hand in hand

Constructed on a separate triple-layer steel frame chassis, the mark of a serious off-roader, the new Korando Sports offers a very rigid structure to help protect occupants in the event of a collision. Accident avoidance and a sure footed performance off road are also enhanced by the electronic stability programme (ESP) - a rare feature on most pick-ups but standard on Korando Sports - active roll-over protection (ARP) and hill start assist (HSA).

Korando Sports ESP

ESP (Electronic Stability Programme)

The sophisticated Electronic Stability Programme monitors road conditions and vehicular status, ready to adjust engine output and brake force automatically should the driver be in danger of losing control on wet or icy surfaces or in sharp turns at high speed.


The TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) measures tyre pressure constantly and when abnormality is detected issues an alert to the driver that reflects the degree of urgency.

Korando Sports' double-wishbone suspension in front is wisely combined with а 5-link suspension in the rear.

Part-time 4WD: Experience the authentic SUV performance

Part-time 4-wheel drive is simple and offers great drivability. Normally, the vehicle is driven by the rear wheels only, lowering fuel consumption because of the lower rolling resistance. The driver can switch the transaxle to four-wheel drive while the vehicle is in motion whenever additional traction is required.

Korando Sports 2WD Mode

Normal road conditions

2WD High-gear Mode

Under normal driving conditions 100 per cent of the engine’s torque is driving the rear wheels so that the Korando Sports can run with the highest efficiency.

Korando Sports 4WD Mode

Snowy & icy road conditions

4WD High-gear Mode

Whenever additional traction is needed, the driver can switch the transaxle to four-wheel drive while the vehicle is still in motion. The technology also comes into play when pulling away on a steep slope, allowing the Korando Sports to drive off from a standstill smoothly and safely every time.

Korando Sports 4WDL Mode

Slippery inclines & heavy off-road conditions

4WD Low-gear Mode (4WD Lock)

Use the 4WD lock mode to manually force the spread of power between the front and rear wheels at speeds below 40 km/h. The locking differential is a must for any camper or nature lover, as it's widely used on boat ramps and rocky areas of off-road.