A distinctive new look

Sets high standards

New Korando Sports overall design is built upon dynamism and a full-bodied appearance. The sharp front hood character line, hexagonal radiator grille and chic black bezel blend dynamism with refinement. The singular mesh pattern on the radiator grille exalts the sportiness of the front styling. The side character lines and the rear styling present a trendy, edgy look, matching the masculine face of the new Korando Sports.
Are you ready to be spotted? Тhe dominating presence of Korando Sports lets you stand apart from the crowd in any environment.

Korando Sports logo emblem

Quality in detail

Take a close look at the new Korando Sports. You will be pleasantly surprised by all the features you can discover and fascinated by the high quality of every single component.

No compromises! This premium SUT is designed to follow your free spirit and your heart's desires in confidence and style.

Korando Sports radiator grille

Wing-shaped mesh radiator grille

The mesh radiator grille is shaped to resemble wings in flight and is finished with chrome and black gloss for a distinguished, imposing feel.

Korando Sports daytime running lights

Daytime running lights

The crystal clear daytime running lights are standard equipment in the European region, in conformance with EU regulations.

Korando Sports headlights

Black bezel headlamps

The black bezel headlamps with elegant chrome trim provide a distinctive image of classiness and strength.

Korando Sports sunroof


The out-sliding sunroof, normally found on sports cars, offers a great appearance and allows you to fully enjoy the nice weather.

Equipped to boost your performance

...and bring greater enjoyment to your leisure

Korando Sports is built to tackle any active lifestyle. The cargo bed measures more than two square metres and with the tailgate down you can carry motorbikes, mountain bikes, skis, camping gear, work tools and other long or bulky items. This rugged SUT will get you to your destination comfortably and safely, whether you are on the job or out to play.

Korando Sports surf

Spacious rear loadspace

Keep the top open for easy access to the 2.04m² load deck. The fully-lined rear deck includes integrated anchor points for securing loose loads. The great utility, comfort and versatility of Korando Sports is designed for whatever life throws at it.

Korando Sports half top

Stylish transformer

The optional full or half deck top moulded canopy provide estate car versatility. Styled and colour-matched and with heated rear window, sliding front glass, an LED interior light, central locking, opening side windows and roof bars; your pick-up can become an elegant SUV.

Korando Sports tyre pressure monitoring system

Matching wheels and tyres

The 18” wheels of Korando Sports are designed without a flange, making them appear to be larger (19”) than the regular alloy wheels do.
Тhe optional Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) alerts the driver when any of the tyres need to be inflated or deflated, improving both driving safety and fuel economy.

Korando Sports 18 inches Hyper silver wheels

18" Hyper silver wheels

Korando Sports 18 inches alloy wheels

18" Alloy wheels

Korando Sports 16 inches light alloy wheels

16" Alloy wheels

Express yourself

Korando Sports is designed to stimulate all five senses

Choice of the car's colour reflects a lot of the driver's personality. From the noble Grand White or the trendy shades of Grey to the eternal Space Black, Korando Sports provides a profusion of classy options to guide your colour choices.

Preview your colour by clicking on its thumb:

Grand White
Grand White
Fine Silver
Fine Silver
Marble Grey
Marble Grey
Indian Red
Indian Red
Fijian Blue
Fijian Blue
Rocky Brown
Rocky Brown
Space Black
Space Black

Color Note: Actual paint colors may vary slightly from the images above due to photography and your own computer monitor settings. Please check the real color samples with your authorized dealer before ordering.